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Lyrical / Contemporary

Discover where technicality meets creative freedom at The Complex in Easley, SC

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Step into the expressive realm of dance where emotions take flight and stories unfold through movement. At The Complex Dance & Creative Space in Easley, SC, our lyrical and contemporary classes offer dancers a unique opportunity to explore the fluid boundaries of these interconnected styles, blending the emotional depth of lyrical with the innovative dynamics of contemporary. From young enthusiasts to more seasoned performers, our classes are tailored to foster both technique and artistry. As dancers glide, leap, and turn, they're encouraged to channel their emotions, resulting in performances that resonate and linger. At The Complex, we provide a nurturing space for this exploration, ensuring that dancers not only master the moves but also connect with the essence of lyrical and contemporary dance. Immerse yourself in this dance form where passion meets precision, and every movement tells a story.

group of female lyrical / contemporary dancers on stage
group of Dancers representing expression & storytelling

Expression & Storytelling

male and female Dancers representing versatility & creativity


Dancer representing musicality & interpretation

& Interpretation



The Mini Contemporary/Lyrical Dance class is a captivating and expressive course designed for young dancers aged 7-11. This class introduces students to the graceful and emotional world of contemporary and lyrical dance, where they will explore movement, storytelling, and personal expression. Through a fusion of contemporary and lyrical dance techniques, students will develop their dance vocabulary, musicality, and performance skills. With a focus on fluidity, creativity, and connection to music, students will learn to communicate emotions through their movements. Through guided improvisation exercises, imaginative choreography, and age-appropriate movement explorations, dancers will nurture their artistry, enhance their technical skills, and build confidence. This class encourages self-expression, fosters teamwork, and inspires a deep appreciation for the power of contemporary and lyrical dance as an art form.


The Junior Contemporary Dance class is designed for young dancers aged 11-14 who have a passion for dance and a desire to explore the expressive and artistic world of contemporary dance. This class focuses on developing foundational contemporary dance techniques, creativity, musicality, and performance skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students will be guided through a curriculum that emphasizes movement exploration, self-expression, and technical development. Through imaginative choreography, improvisation exercises, and engaging movement exercises, students will enhance their dance vocabulary, strength, flexibility, and artistic expression. This class encourages individuality, fosters a love for dance, and empowers young dancers to explore their own unique voices within the realm of contemporary dance.

Lyrical / Contemporary Dress Code at The Complex Dance & Creative Space



Girls: Fitted clothing (leggings, shorts, cropped tops, leotards, fitted tanks etc.), Tan jazz shoes (split sole), pirouettes. 


Boys: Fitted clothing (athletic shorts/pants, tanks, t-shirts) Black jazz shoes (split sole).


*Hair must be neatly tied back and out of the face.


*No baggy clothes except for warm up.


The Teen Contemporary/Lyrical Dance class is a deeply immersive experience tailored for dancers aged 14-18, bridging the expanse between personal expression and advanced technical proficiency. Venturing further into the evocative realms of contemporary and lyrical dance, students are offered a platform to push boundaries, explore intricate choreographies, and deeply connect with music. Building on foundational techniques, the course emphasizes fluidity, improvisational skills, and nuanced storytelling. Dancers will refine their movement lexicon, mastering the fusion of contemporary and lyrical techniques while harnessing the power of emotional communication. Engaging exercises bolster strength, flexibility, and a profound musicality, while collaborative choreography sessions nurture individual artistry. This class not only celebrates the beauty and emotion of dance but also empowers dancers to resonate their authentic voices, encapsulating the transformative essence of contemporary and lyrical dance




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