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Discover where dance and charisma meet percussion at The Complex in Easley, SC

close up of male tap dancer's feet on a stage
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At The Complex in Easley, SC, our tap classes offer a spectrum from foundational learning to advanced rhythmic mastery. Whether a beginner eager to grasp the basics or a seasoned tapper seeking to refine their artistry, our experienced instructors guide each dancer on a dynamic journey through tap. Through a combination of engaging exercises, lively choreography, and precision drills, dancers will cultivate their musicality, coordination, and intricate footwork. As they delve into syncopated rhythms, unique tap styles, and complex combinations, each dancer will develop a genuine passion for the vibrant rhythms and expressive beats of tap dance. Join us in this rhythmic exploration, and with dedication, watch your student evolve into a Complex Dancer.

dancer representing tap precision & rhythm


group of tap dancers representing coordination & musicality


dancer representing tap expression & showmanship

& Showmanship


This class is perfect for beginners or those looking to strengthen their tap skills. Led by experienced instructors, your dancer will embark on a rhythmic journey, learning fundamental techniques, intricate footwork, and lively combinations. Through engaging exercises and upbeat choreography, they will develop coordination, musicality, and a love for the infectious rhythms of tap. Join us as we tap into the excitement of this timeless dance form. With dedication and passion, your dancer will be well on their way to becoming a complex dancer!


This class is designed for those with previous tap experience. Your dancer will further develop their technique, musicality, and performance skills. They will delve into more complex tap combinations, syncopated rhythms, and dynamic footwork. Through engaging choreography and precision drills, they will expand their repertoire and refine their unique tap style. Join us as we dive deeper into the art of tap dance. 

Tap dress code at The Complex Dance & Creative Space

Boys: Fitted clothing (athletic shorts/pants, tanks, t-shirts) split sole lace up tap shoes black

Girls: Fitted clothing (leggings, shorts, cropped tops, leotards, fitted tanks etc.), split sole lace up tap shoes. Black




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