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Hip Hop

Discover where technique & rhythm meet intuition at The Complex in Easley, SC

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At The Complex in Easley, SC, our hip hop dance courses span the spectrum of dancers aged 7 to 18. From the enthusiastic energy of our Mini Hip Hop class to the dynamic flair of our Teen Hip Hop experience, we embrace the diverse and expressive facets of hip hop culture. Students embark on a rhythmic journey, acquiring foundational techniques, exploring styles from old school to street dance, and mastering the art of musicality and performance. Through engaging choreographies, freestyle sessions, and creative exercises, dancers cultivate their unique style, coordination, and stage presence. Beyond mere movements, our classes foster individuality, creativity, and self-expression, diving deep into the heart of hip hop. Join us in celebrating this powerful dance form, and watch your dancer evolve, express, and excel in the world of hip hop.

female hip hop dancer on blue/green background
male and female Dancers representing dynamic & energetic


Dancer representing versatility & improvisation


group of hip hop Dancers representing confidence & stage presence

& Stage Presence



The Mini Hip Hop Dance class is an exciting and high-energy course designed for young dancers aged 7-11. This class introduces students to the vibrant and expressive world of hip hop dance, where they will develop their own unique style. Students will learn the foundations of hip hop dance techniques, rhythm, musicality, and performance skills. Through age-appropriate choreography and creative exercises, students will develop their dance vocabulary, coordination, and stage presence. With a focus on individuality, creativity, and self-expression, students will explore various styles within hip hop dance and gain confidence in their abilities. This class fosters teamwork, encourages self-expression, and instills a love for hip hop culture and dance.


The Junior Hip Hop Dance class offers an immersive experience for dancers aged 11-14, bridging the foundational excitement of our Mini class and the intensive technique of our Teen offerings. Diving deeper into the colorful tapestry of hip hop dance, students will further hone their unique styles, master intermediate hip hop techniques, and engage with a diverse range of musical genres. Building upon foundational rhythms and movements, the course introduces more intricate choreography and offers opportunities for freestyle creativity. Exploring styles from old school to new, students will expand their dance vocabulary, improving coordination and performance skills. With an emphasis on creativity, teamwork, and self-expression, this class aims to shape confident dancers who embody the spirit and culture of hip hop.

Hip Hop dress code at The Complex Dance & Creative Space



Boys & Girls: Clean sneakers. Hair must be neatly back and out of the face.


*Sweatpants and t-shirts are permitted for this style.


The Teen Hip Hop Dance class is an energetic and dynamic course designed for dancers aged 14-18 who are passionate about hip hop and high-energy dance styles. This class is an exploration of hip hop culture, focusing on developing fundamental hip hop techniques, musicality, creativity, and performance skills. Students will learn a variety of hip hop styles through high-energy choreography and freestyle exercises. Dancers will develop their own unique style and expression while building strength, coordination, and confidence. This class fosters a positive and inclusive environment, encouraging self-expression, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for hip hop as an art form.




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