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Discover where grace and elegance meet passion at The Complex in Easley, SC

male and female ballet dancers
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At The Complex Dance & Creative Space in Easley, SC, our ballet classes cater to both newcomers and those with prior experience. Beginning with a solid foundation in ballet's core techniques, students embark on a journey of growth, from understanding the essentials of posture, alignment, and musicality to refining technique and exploring intricate movements. Each course, whether for beginners or advanced students, emphasizes grace, strength, and artistry. Coupled with insights into ballet's rich history and traditions, students not only master the dance but also appreciate its discipline, dedication, and profound cultural significance.

male dancer representing grace & Posture


female dancer representing discipline & dedication


dancer stretching representing strength & flexibility



This entry-level ballet class is designed for students with little to no prior experience in ballet. Throughout this course, students will develop a strong foundation in ballet technique, posture, alignment, musicality, and basic ballet vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on developing grace, strength, flexibility, and coordination while cultivating an appreciation for the art form of ballet. Students will also learn about the history and traditions of ballet, as well as the importance of discipline and dedication in dance.


The Ballet II class is designed for students with some prior ballet experience or those who have completed an entry-level ballet course. This course builds upon the foundational techniques learned in the introductory level and focuses on refining ballet technique, increasing strength and flexibility, expanding ballet vocabulary, and exploring more complex movements and combinations. Students will further develop their artistry, musicality, and performance skills. The course also incorporates an increased emphasis on body awareness and injury prevention.

Ballet Dress Code at The Complex Dance & Creative Space

GIrls: Pink tights, any color leotard, skirt (optional), pink split sole canvas ballet shoes.
*Hair slicked back into a low or high bun or french twist.

Boys: Tights, slim fitting athletic joggers or shorts, solid color fitted t-shirt, dance belt, and black  split sole canvas ballet shoes.

*No baggy clothing except for warm up

close up of ballet dancers on pointe


The Introduction to Pointe Technique class is designed for dancers who have a strong foundation in ballet technique and are ready to begin their journey en pointe. This course focuses on developing the strength, alignment, and technique required for dancing in pointe shoes. Students will learn proper pointe shoe preparation, foot and ankle strengthening exercises, and the foundational skills of dancing en pointe. Emphasis will be placed on correct alignment, articulation of the feet, stability, and injury prevention. Students will also learn basic pointe vocabulary and explore the beauty and artistry of dancing en pointe.




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