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Refer to the guide and chart below. Tuition amounts are monthly and each class meets weekly.



Identify which age group your student(s) will be in. Notice that each age group has some overlap (i.e., a 7 year old student could be a LITTLE or MINI). We will help place students in the best group based on experience, etc. This also applies to skill level classes like ballet, technique, and tap.


Add together the individual price of each class you're interested in.

For multiple students (siblings), keep each of their totals separate for now.


Apply multi-class discounts to tuition total for each student.

Apply sibling discount to student two+


You should now have your total monthly tuition.

Compare your calculated tuition amount to "The Total Complex" plan. Utilizing this plan may be the best way to get the most value for your money!

Tuition outline at The Complex Dance & Creative Space cost of dance classes in easley sc
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